October 31, 2020

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Nu-Age Glass is a fully Licenced local Sunshine Coast family owned business with over 30 year experience in all types of glass and doors. Nu-Age Glass supplies quality glass  and door products throughout the sunshine coast.
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An Australian company, Gainsborough has achieved a pre-eminent position in the world market for more than 30 years, supplying first class porcelain and decorative door furniture and developing a succession of innovative products that ...
Hot Metal

Hot Metal

Hot Metal is very distinct and unequalled in its look and was developed to offer the architectural, design and building industries a versatile, functional and durable metal laminate appropriate for countless applications.
Pre-Hung Doors

Nu-Age Pre-Hung

Nu-Age Glass provides pre-hung doors that will save you time and money.Owner builders or one of the larger builders will save around 1 day in labour and get you to your end result sooner.
Leadlight & Stain Glass


Leadlights are decorative windows made from small sections of glass supported in lead cames (frames). The glass used is sometimes beveled, textured or etched and may be coloured or clear.

Latest News

Nu-Age Glass is currently creating a range of decor leadlighting to suit any room or office, from mirror pieces, doors and windows, sporting, floral, traditional, modern contemporary to wall art.